Welcome to WAHMwise - The home business resource for moms!

Welcome to WAHMwise! If you didn't already know, W-A-H-M stands for Work At Home Mom. So, if you have landed here then you must be thinking about working from home or starting a home business. Maybe you already have one in the works. In any case, consider this your ultimate resource!

So where do you start? Are you looking for ideas for your home based business or do you just need some guidance? Are you looking for the right wholesalers, suppliers, or hosting platforms? Do you already have a full fledged hobby that you want to take to the next level? Maybe you have a passion for a specific niche that you want to share on the web. You CAN make money doing any of these things. Your success is only determined by what you put into it!

A lot of moms just want to quit the whole 9 to 5 job and do something that will not only allow them to be home with their children, but be totally enjoyable as well. It was certainly true for me.

I developed this site with moms in mind because of my own journey into entrepreneurship while working from home over the last 10+ years. I will be covering all of the topics that you mompreneurs want to know most about.  I have taken all of my personal experience (good and bad) and put it out there to help you on your way to WAHM-hood!

Is This Site Only for WAHMs?

Nope, you don't even have to be a Mom, all are welcome and can benefit from the information and resources I will be providing here. I have really done my best to make this site easy to navigate and super friendly. Although my focus is on helping mothers who want to start a home business, you will see that much of the information is going to be very useful to anyone who wants to work from home.